Portable desk Lamp

so latest little thing from the shed.

A nice lightweight Desk Lamp.

IMG_1100_tn  IMG_1101_tn  IMG_1103_tnIMG_1110_tn

Hey it took all day to make.

Well it was asked if I had an old headlight lamp as the black looked way to new?

So I took it down, pulled it apart and cleaned it back to bear metal and stuck it in my copper platting vat (well not in the vat in the bucket of extra strong mix that was ready to replace the vat diluted mix) gave it a over current and let it electro form for a while.

This built up extra copper on the outer that started to flow off causing some very fine lines of copper mountains or ridges I then took it out and let it dry for a few days, I then gave it a bath in clear car paint and this is the result.

IMG_1120_tn Much better…