Mobius Action Cam Test

After watching a camera review from YouTube witch is a bit long so feel free to skip a lot of it as you will get the drift of his test very quickly.

I sent out some money and got the whole box and dice , mounts,cables and a small tripod well I laid down a test of the Mobius Action Cam and for something the size of a match box or 2 I could not belive the stuff I had filmed .

My shed can be fairly dark and the camera picked it up like the light of day only bit it stopped at was in the container which was pitch black.

Focal length was great right down to 3 inches and out to forever well worth the $80 Australian.

Here is My YouTube Test,  a true test in my real world.

So as you can see it picked up light in the shad that was not there in the sence that it is very dark in the shed even in full daylight and with the lights on.

It was not good at fast panning but as it is to do Lessons with it is great as I will not need to add a lot of lights around to show what I am doing. So I look forward to seeing the results from the next outing with this Mobius Actioncam.

Rocker Cover Racer

So as I am going to a car show in a few weeks,that has  Rocker Cover Racers as part of the day I decided to finish a project that has sat in the shad for the last 2 years.

I got in Jan 2011 a set of 2 Rocker Covers from a V8 at a swap meet they are chrome, clean and very straight so this is what I have done.

The wheels are from a skate board and are mounted on some brass bits that were lying about, these are mounted on just 1 bolt so I can rotate them up from the position they are in (lowered) to suit any humps or bumps in what ever track any where it gets a run.the driver is a bonnet mascot from I know not which car and the now added bit on the front I belive comes from an old petrol bowser.


Just need to see how it goes now.

A New/Old Hat

Well on the 29th Oct I am going to a car show down in Brisbane.

So as a 1960/70’s look ..sand shoes jeans rolled at the bottom and a white t shirt with the standard cigges rolled up in the T shirt arm and a Rolled/Formed Cowboy Hat I need the hat so into the collection (I have about 60 hats) out with a slightly small Akubra Hat.

  ( ) put it in a bucket of water and stuck it on the head and got it to size then rolled it up and formed the brim and Now I look like this.IMG_1145

hehehe now that’s a good laugh!!!!

Steampunk makers Jewellery.

Project 4…
Steampunk makers jewellery.
I today came across a very small Mustard spoon in solid silver in the bottom of a box of EPNS stuff I had collected.
And it polished up too well but what to do with it…
A steampunk maker craftsman/woman needs a bit of jewellery …to sort of get them to stand out from the masses so 1 small hole in the handle (polish) then in a bed of fly ash from Tarong Power Station here in Queensland (crushed down finer) I placed a dome head Brass screw head (polished) with the slot at 90deg.
it’s only 2in long so would make a Pendent or a badge/hat / lapel pin or medal..


Now I have a bit of Bling!!!

Wire Sculpture, Steampunk Nemo’s night light

Another bit of junk in my shed was an old style Ship light and I wanted to build something Steampunk out of it but the shape was not going to fit anything that I could think of ……….but then, What if ?

Long before Captain Nemo was a Captain he was a Deckhand lived in a little cottage and on the front of that cottage he had a night light and a bird cage.

So out with an old door and take out the center section give it a bit of a sand stick on the light, a bracket to hold a rusty wire bird cage that took quite a while to build and it sure did need some stuff, so using the same old rusty wire that the cage had been made from I made a wire basket and a vine that clawed its way up over the light and also helped hold the bracket up.

I have wired the light up as a plugin but it could be used as a light that is wired into the house without much worry.

The cage still looked a bit empty so I added a small copper wire Baby Bird with a Pine beak, his legs are built with some copper wire that was treated to go blue/green over a year ago.

It is all built so that the cage is just hung as this would make it easy to move.IMG_1135_tnwithout the cageIMG_1137_tnThe Cage an BBIMG_1138_tnBB or Baby Birdput it all together and we have IMG_1139_tn

It stands about 4ft tall at a guess if not 4ft6in, to late at night to go and measure so even the metric you have to work out yourself….don’t worry I will edit this post with the correct size up and across.