Brian Tisdall

Brian is a Mate from way back and will be on TV this weekend.

He has his own Gallery in Nambour, Queensland, and I have some of my Art in there.

This You Tube is the program segment in TV show and I get a show at 15.25 in a quick flash of RED the horse and a Tractor in the background.

Well worth watching just to see how to paint something that “has stood still to long”


Thanks Brian good to see you get some Air Time.

and there is face book as well, I’ll find it later


This Post will be a few days in the making as I have Told myself that I would load up some of my art over the last 10 years.

Now if it is classed with an S then it has gone it’s own way.

There is Body Castinging and what I did to them there is Cars, Bikes,Birds and a whole lot of other that is made from stuff that had another life before I got to it.

So sit Back and Enjoy the picture show.

“S” First off a plaster baby on the way.BODY ART_00001 BODY ART_00003 BODY ART_00004 BODY ART_00006BODY ART_00004BODY ART_00003BODY ART_00001

Next we have a glass lady (was to be a fountain but looked better mounted).

Copy of Copy of fr1573 Copy of Copy of fr1574.

Now for a few cars all “S”

1_TN 2_TN 3_TN 2010d1 bugatti DVC00357 DVC00602 DVC00638 DVC00640 DVC01583 DVC01591 DVC01592_TN DVC01593_TN DVC01594_TN Morgan Motor truckBig red and Machanic car1 001I Plan to build 1 more with full detail. (The Last ONE)