Spanner Day At “Noosa Scooter Style” 24/5/14

Today “Noosa Scooter Style” had the First “Spanner Day” the idea is for folk in the general area and even further areas to come in with the older and ,may I say amazing bikes that are either in parts or in need of help or as most were today Running Wonders so that we could all get to know what was out there and hopefully help with the repair, ideas or who-to or where to get any HELP and maybe some day go for a Specials Run.

I took a few photos of the progress of a Headlight and Blinker mount I am making for Scott at Noosa Scooter Style, it is a design that is very Art Deco to go with the Italian made HD.

Image00004 Image00005 Image00006 Image00007

Yes that is a Morris Minor Bonnet emblem.

It was wooked out  today that the sides of the rolls will be filled in.

And Now.

Some fun.

Image00009Image00023Image00022Image00020Image00021Image00016Image00015Image00014OK I got carried away with the little RED Honda Gyro, it was a scream and I want one.Image00013Image00002Image00012Image00010Image00009Image00001Image00003

Thanks to Scott and family and the helpers for great day 1 and to all the Folk that turned up to Play.