Storm V’s Bloody Big Hill

I live in the shadow of a very big hill Mt Tinbeerwah‘ is a 265m high volcanic plug just inland from Noosa, Queensland Australia.11-12-2014 10-35-33 PM11-12-2014 10-41-36 PM

On the map above 1 and 2 in yellow are the climbs on the cliff face and I live in the middle of the of the 2 white lines at the top middle of the map.

So today we had a standard set of summer storms come through, ( 1 just a week or so back did 600 million $au damage to Brisbane (our states capitol about 1 and a half hours south)).

But we have a secret weapon this hill..

watch the video and get to know and see How.

Rocket Stove Mass Heater and where You are going Wrong

So you figure that you are correct in you R.S.M.H. well watch and just see if you are.

I do hope that in your case this may have been a waste of a moment in your Long Life, if not then I hope that i have helped sort out a small problem or shown you another idea in the growing of the knowledge of Rocket Stoves and there place on this planet.


4th December 2014