A Tail of 2 Cars that got a lot of Change update 11th feb 15

Ok so way back I started a thread here about doing 2 cars that by the end of a few days became 1 Car  (( A Red 1 )) well that car now joins a Bentley Body hanging on the wall from back in 2003.

The Bentley like the Red 1 just met a brick wall as what I wanted from them, they would never had made the grade.

So this is a new Detailed Car as someone has waited long enough, sorry Mate I don’t have a name for Her yet or if even a colour.

I took the 5lt 4 pot ( built at the start of “A Tail of 2 Cars” ) laid it on the desk and designed a full chassis to go around it

IMG_1103_tnIMG_1104_tn IMG_1105_tn IMG_1106_tn IMG_1107_tnIMG_1109_tn IMG_1108_tn  IMG_1104_tnIMG_1111_tnIMG_1112_tn IMG_1113_tnI had 7 photos of how the chassis was made but iTunes sorted out how to get rid of them, So it was a section of 1/2 inch square that was forged into the shape I wanted then cut right down the middle so that both rails are the same.

The rear springs are my own design and still need to be wire wrapped so they stay together at speed.

So that was my last few days ! what did you get up to.

See Ya Tony

OK Sunday 8th I have made a video that shows what the still photos never show 3D…real.


Monday the 9th Feb 15….

so this took me 5 hours today..Every car that is not air cooled needs a radiator So looking at the beast I took a  few distance points and starting with a sheet of copper,

I designed what looked right for the monster on the bench and sort’a looked like the old (REAL) cowel Hanging on the shed wall IMG_1121_tn IMG_1122_tn IMG_1123_tnIMG_1124_tnIMG_1126_tnIMG_1127_tnIMG_1128_tnIMG_1129_tnIMG_1130_tnThis grill is the stainless stuff that keeps them out.


Dam a real radiator from a fridge (I Think)IMG_1134_tn Just cut out a chunk and whittle it down to size.

IMG_1135_tnIMG_1136_tnIMG_1137_tnNow it looks the part behind the grill.

IMG_1138_tnto hold it in as I have to join Alloy,Copper and Steel I ran a wire through the grill grabbing the center bar, a twist or to keep it snug then bent to go through the cooler and grab the 2 center down tube’s.

IMG_1139_tnIMG_1140_tnNow back to the car and with a large tent peg make with the welder an upper and lower set of (Rubber) hoses.

IMG_1141_tnIMG_1144_tnIMG_1145_tnIMG_1146_tn3 rivets on both sides and the extra length on both sides of the cowl met dead on underneath (talk about Kama.

IMG_1147_tnwell that was 5 hours.

Funny thing this stuff I started about 2pm it was daylight and then it was dark and I needed a torch to take the last few photos at 7pm, yes I know that is 6hr’s but I did sit and think a fair bit but it was all fun and time stops.


So it’s the 11th today and I missed yesterdays post…ok…here..

IMG_1162_tn IMG_1164_tn

So at present the chassis is 22 inches long and it is an old final drive Chain.that was it.

Wednesday 11th

Sorry no photo of a bit of tin with lines all over it just after it was cut in about what looked like where it should have been…That is I wanted the cab floor,firewall,leg well and a nice comfy seat all with a hole for the gearbox tunnel .

IMG_1165_tn IMG_1168_tn IMG_1172_tn IMG_1173_tn IMG_1175_tnIMG_1176_tn IMG_1177_tn IMG_1179_tn IMG_1180_tnSo that plus 2 fillings at the Dentist was a day.




2 Cars now 1 update Sat 18 /25th Oct

 So I am a day late, blame all the concrete.

So it took to Friday to get my act together and get back into the start on the bodies made on Tuesday.

In the good old days I used real car panels but a Merc nigh on killed me when the panel went up in smoke and the stuff used in sound deading was very toxic, so now I use nice safe new steel.

Pictures new steel and an old pattern of the cockpit from there it gets to be what is in my head at that moment, this body ,I decided to make like an old rivet job and i had some sections cut from old computers so a few more cut outs and then …BIG MISTAKE….

I have not counted how many rivets I did yesterday and there are just as many to go before the paint job.

Thus the 2 cars now 1 cause I would go mad if I did 2 the same (but Different) right now.

so cut rivet and then fold over a chunk of old oar then weld and grind the seam behind the driver and put on the body lower frame.next was the dash and then I started the copper tube that will be the leather tuck/roll on the metalwork around the cockpit.1234567891011121313 1415161718192021222324

So there you have it 1 week gone.

And that Motor well it was going to be WAY to big to be usefull , so I will work out some thing else for it …Even a Tractor …1 day. Tony

Another week of which 3 days I concreted while the paint went off.

The box of bits that were to be the motor ended up way out of scale so that was shelved along with a motor for a Morgan.

A bit was done this week Bodywork, Copper/Leather cockpit edge, Clean, Prime, Paint, Grill, Copper Surround,Rad Cap, Exhaust for Straight 8…8 into 4 x 2 then…

and a start on the Front wheel stuff, Some pictures are needed at this point.

282930313233343637Yes all those Rivets I got in 1986

38it will go faster

394041Crim safe…cut trim and add a Kangaroo

“It’s made in Australia.”

43444546Yes way out of scale.

47Oh and Headlights.


Well that was fun, love the shape of the pipes.

See You Next post.

2 Cars The Tail Of

A long time ago as an artist I made model Racing Cars from any of the stuff I did collect.

Now I have been asked to build 1 more along the same lines “Thanks Ian”, but looking around here

(at home) I find that of what I made I can’t forgive myself for not keeping one of two that I did build.

These are those two cars.There was the RED one


And a Yellow one


leather strap

Both were the top end of Detail, and took far longer than the few days needed to build a standard.

So I am going to build Two cars.

Right here over the next month or so.

I will update this post every week with the how and when and they will be Yellow and very much along the same lines.

Ian gets first pick and the Tinker gets the other.

Well that was a fast week it is Friday night allready and with all the other stuff in life not much happened in the fixing the shed side , But in the job of the Cars I did manage to get ahead of my self and figured that what the heck do it right …so instead of a body first and then the rest was made to fit why not build a motor and then work outwards (you will notice that neither of the above cars have motors).

So first off you need to dig into 18 years of junk and kept stuff (yep started collecting in 1996) I wanted stuff that would build a motor or two from way back…thinking big 4 or 6 cylinder great big 5lt type stuff, air cooled ? whatever so that ment a day just going through draws and buckets…you get the picture.

take a bucket load of old rusty parts , toss into a cement mixer add some concrete blend and water and you get IMG_0963 Dam that went messy quick but after an hour or so, pour it out wash the bits then blow torch them dry FAST or they rust again IMG_0965so …

A;….Push Rods….B;….Front of Motor….C;….GeneratorIMG_0968

D;….Belt Idler….E; + F; Inlet Manifold….G;….Carby….H; +I;…. Air filter IMG_0970OH and Q;….Carby Spring Return….

R;….Wire and Rods, misc Motor and Carby Sections.

J;….Starter Motor….K;….Both sides Engine Crank Shapes….L;….Bell Housing….M;….Gearbox….N;….Crash Box Gear  Selector.IMG_0972

O;….Exhaust Pipes….P;….Exhaust End,  still need a middle pipeIMG_0973so the picture of the Exhaust end was not to great so I will show you another that gives away where it came from ( Love Woolies Sales)IMG_0966so One Complete Motor allmost.


That’s about 11 inches long, mite be a bit big, rethink time me thinks.

Tin Man Giraffe

So, at last I have a week to build a Giraffe, You know one of these.


Yes it is a stock image just taken from the net , and I thank whomever for posting it.

The reason for this one is that it can be broken down into sections so when built from corrugated Iron I can get a 3D effect from flat planes of Corro.

It will be about 4m tall, but I have put form into the head as it will lay at about 69 degree’s to the rest of the body.

So 2 sheets of Iron at 3.8m from the salvage yard


Take a copy of the Photo from the web and print, I then worked out 4m from head to feet and drew a line across the print at those 1m points.

This was the only lines drawn I just free handed the body from there .


If you look there are 5 sections needed to build Her.

the first layer is neck, then the right side, followed by the left rear leg, then the last leg on the right at the rear and then the head this was made wider so the bending will allow for it to gain the full shape.


I have a nibbler that fits on a drill so cut out was easy compared to tin snips.

next photo is both front legs cut out and crossed as per finished.

Belive it or not the neck L Leg is in this photo 3.8m long. (just looks short in photo)


when it was all cut out it was all given a 2 coat of primer undercoat.

prim 1

Prim 2

Prim 3

Prime Head

With a bit of black added to the head after shaping (yep that’s a tongue)

Now the pallet is restricted

Paint pallet

all house paint and UV stuff and the owner wants to clear coat later.

So that was yesterday and today and it needs to go up in place in a tree on Saturday.

wish me luck !.

I will post the rest of the build as it happens over the next 3 days.

Thursday 25th Sept

cut myself 4.250m of 25 x25 2mm wall square tube.

1  4.250m 1a bend to fit front leg

then using the neck left leg/neck section made up an angle and went looking for 2 close together trees to bend it..

Lucy (dog) just checking)

Then I lay the fore section over the axis spar and fixed it with self drilling hex head screws

turned it over and fixed the other sections to the back in there order front to rear, added a x member and fixed the rear sections to it so as to give a small amount of depth but not too big as to give a disjointed look to the finished beast.

1b  turn over fix 1c  turn back and fix other sections 1f  self drill fixers 1d  add x member

Then primed all the fixers and heat bended the top section of the spar to hold the head and this also sealed the tube from weather entering at the top.

1h  top of axis bent down to hold head (now weather proof)

Then late today out came a 4 inch brush and the pallet of house paint and did some hard and fast wet on wet painting in a rough vein of the photo.

1i base painting full wet mix

Tomorrow I will stand it up at the front of the shed and see how it looks and get out the ladder and fix any bad paint work.


Friday he got a Bit of a trim and some more colour  paint, then He got to stand up for the first time so against my shed ( 9m x 6m) he is 4meters tall!!

at 15m12 next 2 shed Far

at 5m12 next 2 shed closeup

Now he looked a bit bright so a bit more colour and then this morning

Saturday 27th September

he went down to my back yard to see him in morning light

(there is a reason)

12 down the back

Facing South East at 9.30am …dappled shade

The light gives him a better 3D look.

He will sit facing North West with the same sort of light in the afternoon.

so on to the ute and off home, His place in life was worked out so that

From the drive way

home driveLook in the middle

From the Lounge room over the deck


From the Kitchen

home kitchen

From the master bedroom

home bed

and the little deck

from deck

and at last in place facing North West

and from all accounts he glowed redder in today’s sunset.

OH and His name..Morris…

ah call him Morris

Sorry, but photos don’t do him Justice.

“That’s all Folk’s”




The Cathedral Of Saint Stephen Art Group


Are up to there old Tricks in Brisbane again this year on Friday 25th July


The Francis Rush Centre

Cathedral of Saint Stephen

249 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane

It’s the annual Cycle Of Life Winter Art Exhibition.

And like last year I am again tossing in a few (3) entries

This Years Theme is “Interconnections”

Life on this planet is about the interconnections of all things.

Our survival and quality of life is dependent on this understanding.

So number 1 is Metro (above-below) $400

metro COSMET1

Is the park in the city or is the city surrounded by the trees?

Number 2


This 1 is an exercise in form folding and hammer shaping and trying to get things even. $600

 trans1  trans2  trans3  trans5 trans8 trans6

OK so if you know me you would know that I mainly work with odd bits of cars and junk and the last 2 were a bit left field.

But FEAR Not

Number 3


The sound of the wind to the sea.

So it is not quite all out of old metal bits, but I did manage to get a couple of epns cake stands and a few bits of quality wire.


Real bird wings a wooden Table leg, sea shells and a now not working violin and a jewellery hanging on doll, oh and 2 silver plated cake trays (upside down).


So if you are in Brisbane on Friday 25th July till Monday 28th (Opening Times) 9am till 5pm

come on over and grab some Art, either I or another Artist will thank you (we all need the sales) and you get Made in Australia.

Brian Tisdall

Brian is a Mate from way back and will be on TV this weekend.

He has his own Gallery in Nambour, Queensland, and I have some of my Art in there.

This You Tube is the program segment in www.colourinyourlife.com.au TV show and I get a show at 15.25 in a quick flash of RED the horse and a Tractor in the background.

Well worth watching just to see how to paint something that “has stood still to long”


Thanks Brian good to see you get some Air Time.




and there is face book as well, I’ll find it later


This Post will be a few days in the making as I have Told myself that I would load up some of my art over the last 10 years.

Now if it is classed with an S then it has gone it’s own way.

There is Body Castinging and what I did to them there is Cars, Bikes,Birds and a whole lot of other that is made from stuff that had another life before I got to it.

So sit Back and Enjoy the picture show.

“S” First off a plaster baby on the way.BODY ART_00001 BODY ART_00003 BODY ART_00004 BODY ART_00006BODY ART_00004BODY ART_00003BODY ART_00001

Next we have a glass lady (was to be a fountain but looked better mounted).

Copy of Copy of fr1573 Copy of Copy of fr1574.

Now for a few cars all “S”

1_TN 2_TN 3_TN 2010d1 bugatti DVC00357 DVC00602 DVC00638 DVC00640 DVC01583 DVC01591 DVC01592_TN DVC01593_TN DVC01594_TN Morgan Motor truckBig red and Machanic car1 001I Plan to build 1 more with full detail. (The Last ONE)

Rocker Cover Racer

So as I am going to a car show in a few weeks,that has  Rocker Cover Racers as part of the day I decided to finish a project that has sat in the shad for the last 2 years.

I got in Jan 2011 a set of 2 Rocker Covers from a V8 at a swap meet they are chrome, clean and very straight so this is what I have done.

The wheels are from a skate board and are mounted on some brass bits that were lying about, these are mounted on just 1 bolt so I can rotate them up from the position they are in (lowered) to suit any humps or bumps in what ever track any where it gets a run.the driver is a bonnet mascot from I know not which car and the now added bit on the front I belive comes from an old petrol bowser.


Just need to see how it goes now.

Wire Sculpture, Steampunk Nemo’s night light

Another bit of junk in my shed was an old style Ship light and I wanted to build something Steampunk out of it but the shape was not going to fit anything that I could think of ……….but then, What if ?

Long before Captain Nemo was a Captain he was a Deckhand lived in a little cottage and on the front of that cottage he had a night light and a bird cage.

So out with an old door and take out the center section give it a bit of a sand stick on the light, a bracket to hold a rusty wire bird cage that took quite a while to build and it sure did need some stuff, so using the same old rusty wire that the cage had been made from I made a wire basket and a vine that clawed its way up over the light and also helped hold the bracket up.

I have wired the light up as a plugin but it could be used as a light that is wired into the house without much worry.

The cage still looked a bit empty so I added a small copper wire Baby Bird with a Pine beak, his legs are built with some copper wire that was treated to go blue/green over a year ago.

It is all built so that the cage is just hung as this would make it easy to move.IMG_1135_tnwithout the cageIMG_1137_tnThe Cage an BBIMG_1138_tnBB or Baby Birdput it all together and we have IMG_1139_tn

It stands about 4ft tall at a guess if not 4ft6in, to late at night to go and measure so even the metric you have to work out yourself….don’t worry I will edit this post with the correct size up and across.