The Cathedral Of Saint Stephen Art Group


Are up to there old Tricks in Brisbane again this year on Friday 25th July


The Francis Rush Centre

Cathedral of Saint Stephen

249 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane

It’s the annual Cycle Of Life Winter Art Exhibition.

And like last year I am again tossing in a few (3) entries

This Years Theme is “Interconnections”

Life on this planet is about the interconnections of all things.

Our survival and quality of life is dependent on this understanding.

So number 1 is Metro (above-below) $400

metro COSMET1

Is the park in the city or is the city surrounded by the trees?

Number 2


This 1 is an exercise in form folding and hammer shaping and trying to get things even. $600

 trans1  trans2  trans3  trans5 trans8 trans6

OK so if you know me you would know that I mainly work with odd bits of cars and junk and the last 2 were a bit left field.

But FEAR Not

Number 3


The sound of the wind to the sea.

So it is not quite all out of old metal bits, but I did manage to get a couple of epns cake stands and a few bits of quality wire.


Real bird wings a wooden Table leg, sea shells and a now not working violin and a jewellery hanging on doll, oh and 2 silver plated cake trays (upside down).


So if you are in Brisbane on Friday 25th July till Monday 28th (Opening Times) 9am till 5pm

come on over and grab some Art, either I or another Artist will thank you (we all need the sales) and you get Made in Australia.

One thought on “COSSAG 2014

  1. Hi Tony,
    MAC emailed the link. Love your work. Hope the exhibition goes well.
    Susan Stringer

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