This Post will be a few days in the making as I have Told myself that I would load up some of my art over the last 10 years.

Now if it is classed with an S then it has gone it’s own way.

There is Body Castinging and what I did to them there is Cars, Bikes,Birds and a whole lot of other that is made from stuff that had another life before I got to it.

So sit Back and Enjoy the picture show.

“S” First off a plaster baby on the way.BODY ART_00001 BODY ART_00003 BODY ART_00004 BODY ART_00006BODY ART_00004BODY ART_00003BODY ART_00001

Next we have a glass lady (was to be a fountain but looked better mounted).

Copy of Copy of fr1573 Copy of Copy of fr1574.

Now for a few cars all “S”

1_TN 2_TN 3_TN 2010d1 bugatti DVC00357 DVC00602 DVC00638 DVC00640 DVC01583 DVC01591 DVC01592_TN DVC01593_TN DVC01594_TN Morgan Motor truckBig red and Machanic car1 001I Plan to build 1 more with full detail. (The Last ONE)

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