Aquaponic’s and the Greenhouse

At last !!!!!!!!!!!!

After following along with all the stuff that Murry Hallam has had to say and a look at one of his CD’s from another fish and plant grower.

And a search of Australian sites a good one is 

I have a very good idea of what is what (might add here that my own system has been running in the back yard for 2 years) see my YouTube Channel


Just wade through the other stuff and see some rather bad video’s (Bad in the sense that they have a bit of content and are filmed by a BRICK.

So back to the heading “Aquaponic’s and the Greenhouse” I have had the foundations for this next step in Aquaponics for me down for a good 8 months so far and then life just stepped in as it seems to do and all came to a stop.

Well tomorrow I get back on track the block-work is done 8 months ago and now it needs some formwork for a concrete beam cast on top of it about 50mm deep and around the stump in the center.

This next video covers the main sorse of plant food in the Greenhouse as the fish have a cycle depending on age, as there will be about 3000lt main tank for them to swim in and at fingerling stage there would not be enough to poop to grow a Lettuce.

Now the old system is 2 years old now and it has been a lot of FUN keeping up with it over that time, it still is powered by the fish tank pump that has a habit of going into airlock more often that would be normal as there in not that syphon effect that it had when the large tank was up above it.

I have learn’t quite a bit from the whole exercise ….Tomartoes get leggy and produce lots of growth and not a lot of fruit (parrotts get it then anyway) …lettuce go straight up and seed…ETC.

But Comfrey -Garlic Chives – Mint – Basil and Mullberry love it though the Comfrey Eats a lot of Iron so it has now become a weekly job to add Iron to the system.

As you know if you have seen some of the videos from a year back or so the fish used here in this little system were Gold fish that are all about 6 inch ( 150mm )long but the only time I can ever get the system to read any nutriment was after hitting it with a bucket of worm juice.

Gold fish use up every bit of food before they poop, I have gathered up there poop and tested it and there is bugger all in it.

Anyway here is the look of the tub at present.. the Comfrey was cut down to gravel level 6 weeks ago.

so will get back as soon as I have some progress.