2 Cars The Tail Of

A long time ago as an artist I made model Racing Cars from any of the stuff I did collect.

Now I have been asked to build 1 more along the same lines “Thanks Ian”, but looking around here

(at home) I find that of what I made I can’t forgive myself for not keeping one of two that I did build.

These are those two cars.There was the RED one


And a Yellow one


leather strap

Both were the top end of Detail, and took far longer than the few days needed to build a standard.

So I am going to build Two cars.

Right here over the next month or so.

I will update this post every week with the how and when and they will be Yellow and very much along the same lines.

Ian gets first pick and the Tinker gets the other.

Well that was a fast week it is Friday night allready and with all the other stuff in life not much happened in the fixing the shed side , But in the job of the Cars I did manage to get ahead of my self and figured that what the heck do it right …so instead of a body first and then the rest was made to fit why not build a motor and then work outwards (you will notice that neither of the above cars have motors).

So first off you need to dig into 18 years of junk and kept stuff (yep started collecting in 1996) I wanted stuff that would build a motor or two from way back…thinking big 4 or 6 cylinder great big 5lt type stuff, air cooled ? whatever so that ment a day just going through draws and buckets…you get the picture.

take a bucket load of old rusty parts , toss into a cement mixer add some concrete blend and water and you get IMG_0963 Dam that went messy quick but after an hour or so, pour it out wash the bits then blow torch them dry FAST or they rust again IMG_0965so …

A;….Push Rods….B;….Front of Motor….C;….GeneratorIMG_0968

D;….Belt Idler….E; + F; Inlet Manifold….G;….Carby….H; +I;…. Air filter IMG_0970OH and Q;….Carby Spring Return….

R;….Wire and Rods, misc Motor and Carby Sections.

J;….Starter Motor….K;….Both sides Engine Crank Shapes….L;….Bell Housing….M;….Gearbox….N;….Crash Box Gear  Selector.IMG_0972

O;….Exhaust Pipes….P;….Exhaust End,  still need a middle pipeIMG_0973so the picture of the Exhaust end was not to great so I will show you another that gives away where it came from ( Love Woolies Sales)IMG_0966so One Complete Motor allmost.


That’s about 11 inches long, mite be a bit big, rethink time me thinks.