A New/Old Hat

Well on the 29th Oct I am going to a car show down in Brisbane.


So as a 1960/70’s look ..sand shoes jeans rolled at the bottom and a white t shirt with the standard cigges rolled up in the T shirt arm and a Rolled/Formed Cowboy Hat I need the hat so into the collection (I have about 60 hats) out with a slightly small Akubra Hat.

  ( http://www.akubra.com.au/ ) put it in a bucket of water and stuck it on the head and got it to size then rolled it up and formed the brim and Now I look like this.IMG_1145

hehehe now that’s a good laugh!!!!

Steampunk makers Jewellery.

Project 4…
Steampunk makers jewellery.
I today came across a very small Mustard spoon in solid silver in the bottom of a box of EPNS stuff I had collected.
And it polished up too well but what to do with it…
A steampunk maker craftsman/woman needs a bit of jewellery …to sort of get them to stand out from the masses so 1 small hole in the handle (polish) then in a bed of fly ash from Tarong Power Station here in Queensland (crushed down finer) I placed a dome head Brass screw head (polished) with the slot at 90deg.
it’s only 2in long so would make a Pendent or a badge/hat / lapel pin or medal..


Now I have a bit of Bling!!!