A Tail of 2 Cars that got a lot of Change update 11th feb 15

Ok so way back I started a thread here about doing 2 cars that by the end of a few days became 1 Car  (( A Red 1 )) well that car now joins a Bentley Body hanging on the wall from back in 2003.

The Bentley like the Red 1 just met a brick wall as what I wanted from them, they would never had made the grade.

So this is a new Detailed Car as someone has waited long enough, sorry Mate I don’t have a name for Her yet or if even a colour.

I took the 5lt 4 pot ( built at the start of “A Tail of 2 Cars” ) laid it on the desk and designed a full chassis to go around it

IMG_1103_tnIMG_1104_tn IMG_1105_tn IMG_1106_tn IMG_1107_tnIMG_1109_tn IMG_1108_tn  IMG_1104_tnIMG_1111_tnIMG_1112_tn IMG_1113_tnI had 7 photos of how the chassis was made but iTunes sorted out how to get rid of them, So it was a section of 1/2 inch square that was forged into the shape I wanted then cut right down the middle so that both rails are the same.

The rear springs are my own design and still need to be wire wrapped so they stay together at speed.

So that was my last few days ! what did you get up to.

See Ya Tony

OK Sunday 8th I have made a video that shows what the still photos never show 3D…real.


Monday the 9th Feb 15….

so this took me 5 hours today..Every car that is not air cooled needs a radiator So looking at the beast I took a  few distance points and starting with a sheet of copper,

I designed what looked right for the monster on the bench and sort’a looked like the old (REAL) cowel Hanging on the shed wall IMG_1121_tn IMG_1122_tn IMG_1123_tnIMG_1124_tnIMG_1126_tnIMG_1127_tnIMG_1128_tnIMG_1129_tnIMG_1130_tnThis grill is the stainless stuff that keeps them out.


Dam a real radiator from a fridge (I Think)IMG_1134_tn Just cut out a chunk and whittle it down to size.

IMG_1135_tnIMG_1136_tnIMG_1137_tnNow it looks the part behind the grill.

IMG_1138_tnto hold it in as I have to join Alloy,Copper and Steel I ran a wire through the grill grabbing the center bar, a twist or to keep it snug then bent to go through the cooler and grab the 2 center down tube’s.

IMG_1139_tnIMG_1140_tnNow back to the car and with a large tent peg make with the welder an upper and lower set of (Rubber) hoses.

IMG_1141_tnIMG_1144_tnIMG_1145_tnIMG_1146_tn3 rivets on both sides and the extra length on both sides of the cowl met dead on underneath (talk about Kama.

IMG_1147_tnwell that was 5 hours.

Funny thing this stuff I started about 2pm it was daylight and then it was dark and I needed a torch to take the last few photos at 7pm, yes I know that is 6hr’s but I did sit and think a fair bit but it was all fun and time stops.


So it’s the 11th today and I missed yesterdays post…ok…here..

IMG_1162_tn IMG_1164_tn

So at present the chassis is 22 inches long and it is an old final drive Chain.that was it.

Wednesday 11th

Sorry no photo of a bit of tin with lines all over it just after it was cut in about what looked like where it should have been…That is I wanted the cab floor,firewall,leg well and a nice comfy seat all with a hole for the gearbox tunnel .

IMG_1165_tn IMG_1168_tn IMG_1172_tn IMG_1173_tn IMG_1175_tnIMG_1176_tn IMG_1177_tn IMG_1179_tn IMG_1180_tnSo that plus 2 fillings at the Dentist was a day.




Green House at Last

While the little test bathtub has ticked away  with Fish loss and all the rest of small problems were worked out, I have very slowly been working on the foundations of the greenhouse.

OK so that bit (with day to day life ) has taken nigh on 2 years,

Until 2 weeks ago, a Mate turned up on a Sunday took a look at my block work and said when do I get to the windows?

My reply was at the currant rate 2016.

Say no More.

On the following Thursday at 7.30am (my normal day starts about 10am when I crawl out of bed to get the days Meds)

As with all things weird I had been woken at 4am with arms full of Broken Glass so watching a movie on YouTube in comes the Mate with all his Builder Gear and a helper and 5hrs later I was welding up the roof frame and after a cuppa he left with me to just put on a roof so Friday I got some Tophat lengths and after a while and a trip to th’ Hardware shop where I got myself a battery Driver I managed to also get up 2 x  1/2 sheets of clear roofing.

Then last Saturday I spent the whole day putting on the roof.

I had better explain something here,

I collect stuff some I buy and some just shows up by chance.

Now this greenhouse, the windows came from someone replacing all his windows the rest of the build is part of a huge amount of stuff that cost me $400 when Bunnings shifted from where they were into there new Building.

So the Blocks the steel frames, 8 x 2 Sleepers and some of the tin was just a small section of what was and is there.

OK so by now you are board so here are the photos.

looking straight at it the right side is west and the length is the only point that keeps full sun in mid winter.

In some of the photos at the western end there are 3 long grey troughs these will be mounted under the windows and other tubs will be against the center wall.

Below East on the left West on the right.

windows headon closeup windows

roof frame electric bolts roof frame shed full space Divide Wall tophats West face East West to East closeup Today sunday14th Sept Last Photo is Today

Sunday 14th September 2014, with new hole into main shed.

Wednesday 15th Oct 14

OK catchup

yesterday I finished a weeks work of digging the foundations laying the Besser Blocks and core filling all of them with concrete and steel beams …yes we have the walls and outline of the Fish Tank.IMG_0977IMG_0979

so now I sit back and wait for the whole thing to go off.

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