2 Cars now 1 update Sat 18 /25th Oct

 So I am a day late, blame all the concrete.

So it took to Friday to get my act together and get back into the start on the bodies made on Tuesday.

In the good old days I used real car panels but a Merc nigh on killed me when the panel went up in smoke and the stuff used in sound deading was very toxic, so now I use nice safe new steel.

Pictures new steel and an old pattern of the cockpit from there it gets to be what is in my head at that moment, this body ,I decided to make like an old rivet job and i had some sections cut from old computers so a few more cut outs and then …BIG MISTAKE….

I have not counted how many rivets I did yesterday and there are just as many to go before the paint job.

Thus the 2 cars now 1 cause I would go mad if I did 2 the same (but Different) right now.

so cut rivet and then fold over a chunk of old oar then weld and grind the seam behind the driver and put on the body lower frame.next was the dash and then I started the copper tube that will be the leather tuck/roll on the metalwork around the cockpit.1234567891011121313 1415161718192021222324

So there you have it 1 week gone.

And that Motor well it was going to be WAY to big to be usefull , so I will work out some thing else for it …Even a Tractor …1 day. Tony

Another week of which 3 days I concreted while the paint went off.

The box of bits that were to be the motor ended up way out of scale so that was shelved along with a motor for a Morgan.

A bit was done this week Bodywork, Copper/Leather cockpit edge, Clean, Prime, Paint, Grill, Copper Surround,Rad Cap, Exhaust for Straight 8…8 into 4 x 2 then…

and a start on the Front wheel stuff, Some pictures are needed at this point.

282930313233343637Yes all those Rivets I got in 1986

38it will go faster

394041Crim safe…cut trim and add a Kangaroo

“It’s made in Australia.”

43444546Yes way out of scale.

47Oh and Headlights.


Well that was fun, love the shape of the pipes.

See You Next post.