Rocker Cover Racer

So as I am going to a car show in a few weeks,that has  Rocker Cover Racers as part of the day I decided to finish a project that has sat in the shad for the last 2 years.

I got in Jan 2011 a set of 2 Rocker Covers from a V8 at a swap meet they are chrome, clean and very straight so this is what I have done.

The wheels are from a skate board and are mounted on some brass bits that were lying about, these are mounted on just 1 bolt so I can rotate them up from the position they are in (lowered) to suit any humps or bumps in what ever track any where it gets a run.the driver is a bonnet mascot from I know not which car and the now added bit on the front I belive comes from an old petrol bowser.


Just need to see how it goes now.