Wire Sculpture, Steampunk Nemo’s night light

Another bit of junk in my shed was an old style Ship light and I wanted to build something Steampunk out of it but the shape was not going to fit anything that I could think of ……….but then, What if ?

Long before Captain Nemo was a Captain he was a Deckhand lived in a little cottage and on the front of that cottage he had a night light and a bird cage.

So out with an old door and take out the center section give it a bit of a sand stick on the light, a bracket to hold a rusty wire bird cage that took quite a while to build and it sure did need some stuff, so using the same old rusty wire that the cage had been made from I made a wire basket and a vine that clawed its way up over the light and also helped hold the bracket up.

I have wired the light up as a plugin but it could be used as a light that is wired into the house without much worry.

The cage still looked a bit empty so I added a small copper wire Baby Bird with a Pine beak, his legs are built with some copper wire that was treated to go blue/green over a year ago.

It is all built so that the cage is just hung as this would make it easy to move.IMG_1135_tnwithout the cageIMG_1137_tnThe Cage an BBIMG_1138_tnBB or Baby Birdput it all together and we have IMG_1139_tn

It stands about 4ft tall at a guess if not 4ft6in, to late at night to go and measure so even the metric you have to work out yourself….don’t worry I will edit this post with the correct size up and across.

Wire Sculpture

Today I decided to let the cat out of the bag on some new Art I have been doing.

The basic idea is how far can I take copper wire.

So wire sculpture was the way to go at present as some of the sculptures take quite a few days to age them and in the case of 1 out in the studio about 2 weeks so far and it is just starting to show some good age.

here be the progress so far.

BB2 Wire bird Sculpture

“BB2″ or Baby Bird #2

Bird Nest

“Non Baked Bean”

Ruby Red Horse

“Ruby Red” (Horse)

Out of reach Water

“Out of Reach” ( Water )

Rocket One - Wire sculpture

“Rocket 1″



Burden View 1

“Burden” view 1

Burden View 2

“Burden” view 2

By this light I reach for you, my heart in a sea of tears

“By this light I reach for you, my heart in a sea of tears”

I found a small red wooden heart on the side of a road chipped and dulled by loss

so a loss is the heart and soul of this sculpture.